Denture Care

Maintenance - full dentures

As time progresses, the bone that is present where the tooth is lost slowly resorbs (it is removed by your body as it is not required to support a natural tooth anymore) so your dentures become loose. Not so much a problem with a partial denture but full dentures can be very loose, sometimes leading to lower full dentures becoming impossible to wear. (See denture/implant for alternatives)

Relining the dentures is where more acrylic is added to the denture to get it to fit the new bone height. This normally involves leaving the denture with your dentist for a whole day. Relining the dentures every few years when necessary will help fit the denture to the new bone height.

Maintenance - partial dentures

As the remaining teeth are the support for the denture, it is important that these teeth are properly cared for. More food is collected by the denture, which increases the possibility for gum disease and/or caries.


  1. All dentures must be cleaned. Thorough scrubbing of the whole denture two to three times a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste, along with rinsing the denture after meals, should be adequate.
  2. Once a week soak the denture overnight in a glass of water mixed with a little white vinegar. This will make cleaning the denture with a toothbrush easier. To achieve a very shiny denture try scrubbing with the 'yellow velvet laundry soap' once or twice a week, and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Do not wear dentures at night whilst sleeping.